Civil unrest is upon us, the world is going crazy but your not. Your prepared! Not just with gear but with sanity.

When things go wrong people get out of sorts. Tempers can be short, anxiety and blood pressure high. But don't wait for that to happen. We put humor into the serious subject of prepping.  Play and laughter in your life helps you stay grounded and mentally sharp.  

The G.O.O.D. Game

A complete collapse has occurred, and martial law has been declared. Life as you know it is over. It's time to

"Get Out Of Dodge."  

Grab your gun and good luck!

"What!! Arrested???"

It's not always about who has the most bullets

Last time we had a serious power outage it was the middle of January.  The first few days were all an adventure for the family, but now? We've kept the fire going and do chores by daylight, told the kids we were playing pioneer. The whole family is sleeping in the "warm" room and cabin fever is right around the corner.

Food, water, shelter and first aid, hmmm, something's missing....O its my mind. The basic necessities are always at the top of the list when it comes to prepping, but what about your mental state. Are you grounded mentally and able to make sound decisions? Are you about to pop a vein because things are difficult? Mental health is crucial to survival and humor is imperative to mental health. That why is we are dedicated to making the right games for your bunker.

Our signature game is The G.O.O.D. Game, it was created for adults because so much of what is out there is for kids. That's great but grownups need the benefits of play just like kids do. We wanted a game that is not for your usual board game players.  Something with adult sarcasm, politically incorrect and with humor that is recognized by savvy survivalist.

The G.O.O.D. Game Pay Mat is a Jr. version of the board that is for the younger players (6 and up). It is designed to use with the cards and directions from the main game. It is printed on a vinyl material that rolls up nicely and wipes clean as well. It can be purchased as a complete game if desired. 

Some Facts About Laughter

The G.O.O.D. Game play mat for kids. Large format, rolls up and stores in shipping tube, wipes clean.

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Quick Summary:

This is one kick-ass game! It requires a bit of skill, a lot of luck and an appreciation for politically incorrect comedy. After emerging from Big Nasty City, you must gather gear and avoid danger while traversing cleverly named landscapes -- such as Ham Radio Hill, Bust-A-Move-River and, my personal favorite, Frozen Ass Pass -- in an attempt to make it to your Super Cool Bug Out Cabin. All-in-all, this game is well-designed awesomeness that's fun for even just two people to play. LOVE IT!!!

10/10 would get arrested by F.I.M.A. again!

J. Pepe  Pa.

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Play the Collapse and laugh all the way to your cabin 

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Practice your survival skills while laughing your way to the bug out cabin. Be aware of what lies ahead and gather gear accordingly.  

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