Why Games?

Playing keeps us sane in an insane world. What if you never laughed or smiled? Have you seen someone like that. We all have issues, but laughter keeps us all from losing it completely. I don't know who it was that said laughter is the best medicine but he must have been genius. Think about how good you feel after a day or night of hysterical laughter. Like a workout for your soul, you feel some how lighter and happier.

That's why games, I've decided that even though making something for people to play is work, that my work should most definitely be playing.   

It has been some time since this site was launched and we have made it through the first year. The G.O.O.D. Game is in almost every state now, with the exception of four. That's ok, we'll get there. It's really great to know that all across America there are people enjoying our post collapse humor. Thank you very much to all our supporters!

THE SUBJECT OF SHIPPING, for informational purposes only.

The greatest of struggles remains shipping. Shipping is something that people seem to think can actually be free. Believe me, some one is paying for it! Every game that ships can cost up to 18.00 dollars in shipping (the average is about 15.00). If its purchased through Amazon they charge 5.99 for shipping, and I pay the rest (they give me no choice). Now depending on the state, they may charge tax on the shipping plus another fee which they have some fancy name for.  Most orders on Amazon cost the buyer over 54.00 dollars on my 43.99 game listing. You say "O but I have prime", that's great, you paid to have prime and when a million people pay for prime, Amazon can get contracts for the shipping, that you have paid for with your membership. We have the option to "buy the label" from them to use. This is the kind of thing that makes it hard for small business. To drive it home, the local graphics art place that I utilized for the game went out of business with the last UPS hike in prices. It was a sad day!

We are still doing our best to get our quality product to you in the most efficient way. That is why we decided to upgrade the website and make it possible for people to buy directly from us.

Buying from our site is a set amount! I figure out the best way to ship and my accountant takes care of all that other stuff. IT SAVE US BOTH MONEY! Because you don't get charged more from Amazon and neither do I.