The Subject of Shipping


The greatest of struggles remains shipping. Shipping is something that people think can be free. Believe me, ITS NOT FREE!, some one is paying for it. Every game that ships can cost up to 18.00 dollars in shipping (the average is about 15.00). If its purchased through Amazon they charge 5.99 for shipping, and I pay the rest (they give me no choice). Now depending on the state, they may charge tax on the shipping plus another fee which they have some fancy name. Most orders on Amazon cost the buyer over 54.00 dollars on my 43.99 game listing. You say "O but I have prime", that's great, you paid to have prime and when a million people pay for prime, Amazon can get contracts for the shipping, that you have paid for with your membership.

We have the option to "buy the label" from Amazon to use for shipping. It makes it a little less but I have to pay them for it.  This is the kind of thing that makes it hard for small business. To drive it home, the local graphic arts place that I utilized for the game went out of business with the last UPS hike in prices. It was a sad day!

Don't get me wrong, I'll not give up!  We will continue to do our best to get our quality product in the most efficient way. That is why we decided to upgrade the website and make it possible for people to buy directly from us. All my games go out priority mail or priority flat rate game box from U.S.P.S. They are insured, trackable and in sturdy U.S.P.S boxes with packing around each game.

Buying from our site is a set amount! I figure out the best way to ship and my accountant takes care of all that other stuff. IT SAVE US BOTH MONEY! Because you don't get charged more from Amazon and neither do I.   

Thank you for supporting our small business.